7 Health Benefits Of Smiling

Are you uncomfortable with the way your teeth look? Does it stop you from smiling and laughing freely? You could be missing out on a whole slew of mental and physical health benefits that come about when you flash your best smile. So, what’s the good news about smiling?

It Lifts Your Spirits

Research has shown that the act of smiling makes us feel good – even when we’re faking it. So when you’re feeling a bit low, literally grin and bear it, after a while, the smile might become a real one.

It Connects You to Other People

We instinctively like smiling, friendly people. Have you ever smiled at a stranger and seen them smile back? There’s an instant connection. You’re immediately disposed to like them. Meanwhile, your smile has worked its magic too.

Laughter could be the Best Medicine

There’s research evidence suggesting that laughing helps to regulate your blood pressure, reducing your chance of developing cardiovascular disease. Plus, a deep down belly laugh is a great exercise for your core muscles!

People Who Smile Big May Live Longer

A fascinating study analyzed baseball register photos from the fifties, identifying which subjects showed a genuine smile and which smiles were forced. The researchers then followed up the subjects and found that those showing the most intense smiles were inclined to live longer than those who didn’t.

Laughter Raises Your Pain Threshold

We always admire people who are able to laugh even though they are in pain. It turns out that laughing with them might help them to feel better afterwards. When we laugh, the body releases endorphins which act as natural painkillers. Interestingly, the study that made this finding refers to “social laughter,” so this benefit requires the buddy-system.

Laughter Improves Immunity

Smiling is wonderful, but laughing offers all the very best health benefits. When we give a belly laugh, it boosts the flow of lymph, helping our immune system to function more effectively in protecting us from infection.

An Antidote to Stress

We all know that stress contributes to ill-health. Anything that helps us to de-stress is, therefore, being welcomed as a remedy that might add years to life. Laughter yoga, formerly all-but unheard-of is going mainstream.

Being able to relax, smile and laugh are the very best antidotes to stress!

What if You’re Stressed Out About Your Smile?

With all this positive news, you might be ready to crack a smile, but a great many people are actually stressed out about the way their smiles look! Surveys show that cosmetic dentistry is the form of cosmetic treatment that more people are considering than any other. Teeth whitening is the most popular purely cosmetic intervention currently in demand, but we also hear from people who are uncomfortable about the alignment or shape of their teeth.

It’s worth noting that some of the things that make people feel uncomfortable about their smiles, for example, crowded teeth, could present systemic health risks later on – so cosmetic dentistry to improve your smile might have indirect advantages too.

When you smile, you should feel happy and confident. If you don’t, you owe it to yourself to address the issue. We’re here to help you towards better oral health and a smile that lets your personality shine out!

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