Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Have you ever felt anxiety before a dentist appointment? I think you will be a part of a select few if you have haven’t. Many people are scared of the dentist. The thought of the dentist chair, the bright light shining in your eyes, the mask that the dentist wears and the dreaded sound of the drill all makes a dentist appointment somewhat uninviting.

If you are someone who has to deal with anxiety and fear before every dentist visit then you could benefit greatly from sedation dentistry. What is it? It can be described as a technique used by dentists of this generation to help patients overcome their fear of dentists. Dentists will give their patients sedative drugs – pills, gas or nitrous oxide – to help them remain calm and comfortable in the chair. This is all done under consent and only if the patient is in need of it. What are the main advantages if this technique?

Sedation Dentistry Techniques

No More ‘No Pain; No Gain’

Ever heard the sayings – ‘No pain; no gain’ or ‘beauty is pain’? This is most definitely not the case with this type of dentistry. The main aim is to limit the amount of pain so that the patient can have a relaxing and enjoyable experience. This will eliminate fear and allows the dentist to continue without any disturbance. Pain-free dental care is favoured by everyone because no one likes to feel pain.

Fast Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry is the quickest because the dentist can do his job without any distractions. The patient won’t be moving around as much or complaining about the pain. The job can be done as quickly and efficiently as possible. And in today’s world, time is money so this is a large advantage.

Fear and Anxiety Eliminated

Fear and anxiety is taken out of the picture completely. Not only does fear decrease when the patient knows that there will be no pain, but the sedative drugs themselves put the patient in a relaxed state of mind. For many people, the dread of a dentist appointment kicks in weeks before the due date –in these case, Sedation Dentistry is necessary. With no fear and anxiety, the thought of returning to the dentist in the next couple of months won’t be so horrific. This ultimately will affect your long-term dental health.

Patient is Not Completely Helpless

You will not be knocked out when the dentist works on your teeth, so you will still be able to communicate with him/her during the visit. The dentist can still ask you questions if necessary and you will be able to tell him to stop in emergencies.

The Price

The price itself is an advantage. Sedation Dentistry is reasonably priced and is therefore affordable.

This technique is used by many dentists and can change your view of dental health completely. When there is no pain to anticipate then the fear and anxiety goes away. The dentist chair is going to start feeling a lot more comfortable if you change over to Sedation Dentistry. Care for your teeth in comfort!

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