What Can Porcelain Veneers Fix

Tired of your teeth? Wishing you could smile with confidence? You might be considering one of the cosmetic dentistry alternatives that’s been a big hit in recent years: porcelain veneers. The first thing you need to know about them is that they won’t fix anything other than your teeth’s appearance and your confidence. They’re porcelain shells that form a façade for your teeth.

They’re used to cover up a variety of imperfections from skew and twisted teeth to gaps between teeth, or teeth that for one reason or another can’t be restored or improved to meet aesthetic standards. For example, some types of tooth discoloration aren’t responsive to teeth whitening methods, and in that case, covering up is an option.

Not Always the Best Solution

Because veneers are just a cover-up, they’re not always the best solution to aesthetic problems that might also have health implications. One such scenario would be when teeth are skew. If we can straighten them, it will be much better for your oral health. Veneers would only make them look better – they won’t prevent the oral hygiene problems that come from having skew teeth.

But You Can Get the Look You Always Wanted

Think of porcelain veneers as being like a movie set. Your teeth can look just the way you want them too. Of course, we wouldn’t suggest wild-west town-themed veneers, but you can choose the shade of white you prefer and decide on the shape you want your teeth to be.

No matter what it is you don’t like about your teeth, veneers will cover them up. They won’t repair the problem, but they’ll give you the look you always wanted.

However, if your dentist recommends a more permanent form of repair such as teeth straightening, do consider it. Your Richmond dentist has your oral health and aesthetic interests at heart and will offer what he or she feels to be the best solution plus additional options. After that, the choice is yours.

Are Veneers Forever?

Theoretically, veneers could be forever. They’re quite sturdy despite the fact that they’re just thin shells, and the dental adhesives used to attach them are incredible. All the same, in reality, you probably will need work on your veneers from time to time. They aren’t high maintenance – unless you’re careless with your teeth, but they may need occasional replacement.

The Bottom Line: Veneers Fix the Look

Veneers won’t solve any dental health problems, but they will give you confidence because they improve the way your teeth look. Talk to a cosmetic dentist about the things that bother you about your teeth and ask about veneers. If your dentist thinks there’s a better solution, he or she will explain it and allow you to make the decision yourself.

Whatever you do, taking a positive step towards improving your self-image and the way people view you could be as easy as a taking the time for a couple of visits to your dentist. Do you hate your teeth? Let’s help you to love them again.

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