Popular Smile Makeover Techniques

We all know that a smile says it all. The way someone smiles is a clear indication of how self-confident they are. We also know that first impressions last, and our smile is often what makes that first impression when we are introduced to someone for the first time.

To have a beautiful, self-assured smile shows confidence in oneself. Here is how dentists can do art on your teeth to design a perfect smile, which suits your personality perfectly.

Cosmetic Dentists Are Artists

Our cosmetic dentists in Richmond are artists, clinicians and great communicators, and with the help of today’s advanced technologies they can assist you to create the perfect smile.


• Color of teeth
• Shape of teeth
• Contour of teeth
• Size of teeth
• Smile line
• Midline with facial features

Harmony is key to an attractive smile

smile makeover techniques

Often, the cosmetic dentist can achieve this harmony by treating or enhancing the key players in a smile: length of the teeth, width of teeth, shape and alignment. It is vital that the exact smile you wanted is created.

Your smile makeover dentist will listen carefully to what you want, and ask questions to guide you in setting your goals. To improve the appearance of your smile, several techniques are used, but any oral health issues will need to be addressed first.

Techniques cosmetic dentists use include porcelain veneers, dental crowns, and filling of the gaps if teeth were lost. A cosmetic dentist could suggest a dental implant, dental bridge, or partial denture to create your full perfect smile.

When you have a smile makeover, you can choose to improve some aspects of your teeth first, and then take further steps to work towards finally creating your dream smile.

Software makes it easy

To find what suits you best, software is used for you to choose the smile on your face that feels and looks the best. You can literally try on a smile. How does this one or that one work for you? The smile shape or line is what determines the smile, naturally, some people have a shy smile, some a gregarious smile, and some have a seductive smile.

It is important to choose the right cosmetic dentist when you decide to go for a smile makeover. Choose someone you know is qualified to do cosmetic work, and remember it is an art to create the perfect smile, so choose a dentist you get along with, and can trust to help you make your dream smile come true.

Get your best smile and improve your confidence

If you are lacking confidence in relationships or in your career, and you know it is not because you are lacking ability, or personality, but because you are hiding your smile, think again! A dentist who understands your issues can help you to achieve that perfect smile. Whether you need veneers, tooth straightening techniques or just tooth whitening, you need never be embarrassed about your smile again.

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