Questions to Ask Your Dentist

There is always that student in the class who doesn’t stop asking questions. Can you think of anyone specific that you’ve come across in your lifetime? No matter how irritating this specific student may be to both you and the one being questioned, they are also most likely the one to get the highest marks in the class. Why? Because asking questions leads to getting answers. Questions are there to benefit the one asking them, so stop worrying about being the annoying patient who asks questions, and start asking your dentist appropriate questions. If you are asking the right questions, both you and your friendly dentist will be happy.

This is a good question because there is no definite answer – it varies from person to person. Because your dentist is the one who knows the condition of your teeth, whether you have any dental diseases, and he knows your lifestyle to some extent. The standard rule is that you see the dentist every 6 months at least, even in cases where your teeth are in exquisite condition.



How can I improve my dental health?

This is one of the most simple and effective questions to ask. As you most likely know, your basic oral hygiene routine could help prevent the more serious dental diseases, as well as things such as tooth decay. Your dentist will be able to deduce in which areas you are perhaps at fault – for example, maybe you don’t floss your teeth everyday which will influence the overall health of your mouth. Of course, your dentist will need all the information possible so be sure to tell him your daily oral hygiene routine in detail. This would include the type of toothbrush and toothpaste you use.

How Do I Prevent Common Dental Diseases?

Even though you may think you know the answer, this is still an important question to ask your dentist. Yes, your daily oral hygiene routine and eating habits will play a big role in preventing tooth decay, gingivitis and other problems. It is wise to keep in mind that your dentist is a professional and he will know which factors should be avoided in your situation. For example, diabetes, HIV/Aids and some medications are just a few of the things that can have a serious effect on your dental health. Your dentist will know what’s the best thing to do for you.

There are many more questions that one could ask a dentist, some of which include ‘Do you have any recommendations for my diet?’, ‘At what age should my child first see a dentist?’ and ‘Why should I have dental x-rays taken?’. The importance of asking your dentists the correct questions is clear. The next time you go for your check-up, ask the professional all the questions that you would like answered. Don’t be shy, if you ask questions such as these then you could potentially get both satisfying answers and earned respect.


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