The Right Daily Routine For Healthy Teeth

You only get one set of permanent teeth and that has to last you from childhood until the end of your life. Your mother taught you this fact when she drummed the tooth brushing habit into you, but you’d like to know what else you might be able to do to keep those pearly whites healthy and strong. Read on: you might be surprised at some of the daily habits that could keep your teeth healthy for longer.

It’s not Just How Often You Brush, it’s How You Brush

Did you think there was only one correct way to brush your teeth? The British Dental Journal found that various techniques are recommended. The one most prefer seems to be the Modified Bass Technique in which the bristles of the brush are placed at a slightly upward angle to the teeth. Brush with a small circular motion at the gum-line and then use a sweeping motion to cover the rest of the tooth. Check it out and give it a try tomorrow morning. You’ll repeat the process in the evening as usual, and don’t forget to floss afterwards.

Look Out for Hidden Sugar

You’ve always known that sugar is a tooth-rotter of not. But did you know that sugar is hidden in a wide variety of place you’d never expect to find it? Become an ingredient label reader, and you’ll be surprised at the places where sugar lurks. There’s no need to swear off sugar altogether if you’d prefer not to but chew some sugar-free gum to boost cleansing saliva production and clean away residues afterwards.

Drink Water Right After Coffee, Tea, or Wine

Coffee, tea, and wine stain your teeth, but the residues that cause staining can be easily washed away with water – provided you drink it straight after your morning cuppa or evening glass of chardonnay.

If you can make water your favourite tipple, all the better for your teeth! Plus, staying hydrated helps to keep your body functioning well, and the best way to get that way and stay hydrated is to sip water throughout the day.

Sugar isn’t your Only Foe

Knowing that sugar isn’t the only enemy to assail your teeth will help you to further develop your daily dental health routine. Acid is a biggie too – even the naturally-occurring acids in fruits can break down your tooth enamel. The cure? Your trusty water bottle and a stick of sugar free gum will help to clear the acidity quickly.

Consider Adding Green Tea to Your Daily Beverage List

Believe it or not, green tea is also believed to improve oral health. That’s on top of a whole lot of other benefits. This isn’t “Alternative” mumbo-jumbo. Scientists are taking it seriously. In terms of oral health, green tea is believed to prevent gum disease. And if you thought gum disease was rare, think again. We find it to be a leading cause of serious dental health issues in a great many of our patients.

Learned Something New? Don’t Forget Your Dentist Visits!


Although visiting your dentist isn’t part of your daily routine, it should nevertheless be a regular feature in your life. Six-monthly visits allow your dentist at Ironwood Dental to work with you on improving and maintaining dental health. Although a lot of people think our only job is to fix damaged teeth, we see our role in the prevention of dental issues as being just as important. Haven’t been to the dentist for a while? Well, now’s the time to change all that! Pick up your phone and make an appointment!


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