Many parents are unsure of the right time to begin taking their child to the dentist. We look at the recommendations made by paediatricians. They match our own recommendation – and we’ll explain why we say kids should start visiting the dentist soon after they get their very first tooth.

Sounds extreme? There’s good logic to back it up!


Milk Teeth Can Be Problematic

We might think that since milk teeth are temporary, they aren’t important. But if a young child develops cavities, he or she could end up having to undergo general anaesthesia to get treatment.

Very young children can’t deal with local anaesthesia. A trip to the operating table is not something any parent wants for their child, so the best solution lies in prevention, and that begins when the very first tooth erupts.

Pediatric dentists are trained to identify the earliest signs of tooth decay, and they can help you with preventative treatments and strategies that will help your child to avoid cavities. But there’s more.

In-office cleaning could be necessary in very young children. Stubborn tartar build-up is the first step towards tooth decay and gum disease. And though we love our kids’ first steps – we don’t want to see them heading for dental health issues!

Make Dentist’s Visits Part of Their Routine

Even adults fear what is unknown and unfamiliar. But if your child has been visiting the dentist for as long as he or she can remember, there’s nothing scary about a visit to the dentist. A good dentist knows how to put kids at ease. The regular dental visit becomes fun and is associated with positive things.

If you wait until there are problems to address, your child might not feel so positive about visits to the dentist. That makes for an uphill battle for you as a parent, and it could have lifelong effect on your child’s oral health and attitude towards dentistry.

Get the Lowdown on Cavity Prevention for Kids

Very small kids can’t brush their own teeth. Instead, a parent must do the job for them. Your dentist can show you how to care for a little one’s teeth, giving good advice about feeding habits that help to preserve oral health.

You’re there to care for your children and taking care of teeth when they can’t do it themselves forms part of that.

From the First Tooth

Although starting with dentistry from the first tooth may sound a little extreme, it’s the best way to go. To sum up, your dentist can:

  • Pick up and correct issues before they become a problem
  • Teach you how to care for your child’s teeth
  • Help your child to accept dentistry as a normal part of his or her healthcare routine

As a parent, that not only helps you to ensure that your little one has the best start in life as far as oral health is concerned – it also helps you to avoid drama when your child needs to visit the dentist.  If your little one hasn’t been to the dentist yet, it’s time you scheduled a visit. We’ll make it a fun and pleasant experience and prepare your toddler for a lifetime of good oral health habits.

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