Many of us clench or grind our teeth when we sleep or at some point throughout the day. Our custom mouth guards will reduce pain and prevent further damage to your teeth and body.

Effects of Clenching and Grinding

Many people either clench or grind their teeth during their sleep without even knowing it. This can be caused by stress, or when the upper and lower teeth do not fit properly in an ideal “bite.” Some people may also clench when they are driving or doing exercise such as lifting weights. Clenching and grinding causes damage to the biting surfaces of the teeth and dental restorations.

Over time, if the wear is not prevented with a nightguard, the damage may be so extensive that all the teeth may need to be restored with dental crowns. Another consequence of severe teeth wear is the jaw position may be moved to a less ideal position, resulting in jaw pain and headaches. This muscle tension can even start to spread to the neck, back and shoulders.

Types of Guards


When early signs of tooth wear are present, it is important to be fitted with a nightguard so further damage can be prevented. A nightguard is specially formed to your teeth, and the material is thin and comfortable. It should be worn throughout the night, and also when there may be unconscious clenching during the day, such as when exercising or driving. It can then be replaced every couple years as it is gradually worn down. Having the wear transferred to the guard instead of your teeth means that you will be preserving healthy tooth enamel.


Wearing a custom-made sportsguard has many benefits over a store bought heat-formed guard. Because a sportsguard is specially formed to your teeth, it fits much better and is less likely to be dislodged from your mouth during contact. It is also formed with several layers that are designed to absorb shock, and thus provide concussion protection. Also, because it is made to fit your teeth, it can be made with minimal palatal thickness; this makes talking and breathing much easier. Investing in a proper sportsguard can save you lots of money in dental work.

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