Dental Implants

Replace missing teeth for better function and fashion with dental implants.

Tooth Loss Effects

When you are missing one or more teeth, not only is it a cosmetic concern, but it can also be a concern for your overall and dental health. Having less teeth means that it can be more difficult to eat crunchy and chewy foods such as vegetables, grains, and meats. This makes it difficult to get all the nutrients in your everyday diet. But don’t worry, dental implants can help.

It has been shown that people with full sets of teeth live longer than others who have an incomplete smile. Having missing teeth also puts excessive pressure on existing teeth, making them more likely to break and develop gum disease. This effects multiplies as more teeth are lost, making it difficult to keep the existing teeth healthy.

Single or Multiple Tooth Replacement

Dental implants can help to replace missing teeth, making it feel like you never lost them to begin with. The disadvantage of replacing teeth with dentures or crown & bridge is the bone where the tooth used to be begins to atrophy and shrink. This can cause a ‘sinking’ appearance in the face, making your face look prematurely aged.

Dental implants stimulate the jaw bone just like natural teeth, halting bone loss. Dental implants are much easier to clean than crowns & bridges. The primary reason for crown & bridge failure is decay, as they are very difficult to keep clean. And unfortunately, when a crown & bridge fails, one or both of the teeth holding the bridge in place can be lost as well, making it even more difficult to replace. (have picture of crown and bridge vs implant)

Dental Implants

Denture Replacement

If all of your upper or lower teeth are missing, dental implants can be placed to support a removable denture or fixed bridge. This can make the denture secure in your mouth, allowing you to comfortably eat crunchy and chewy foods again. Many people who have traditional dentures do not wear them because they are uncomfortable and they cannot eat with them anyways.

With dental implant-supported dentures or bridges, eating a nutrient-rich diet can be possible again, improving your overall health. The denture can be easily removed for cleaning by yourself at night, and/or at your regular dental check-ups.

Bone Grafting

In order to place a successful dental implant, there needs to be sufficient bone in the area. We can place a bone graft into the socket immediately following a tooth extraction, or even in an area that has been missing a tooth for some time. This allows proper anchoring and support for the dental implant and replacement of bone.

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