Sedation Dentistry

At Ironwood Dental Care, we’re here to make you feel at ease. Our top priority is to make sure that you are relaxed and comfortable during your visit.

Feeling anxious or worried about having dental treatment or visiting the dentist is completely normal!

It shouldn’t mean that you avoid getting the treatment you need though. Here at Ironwood, we want to help you feel calm and comfortable so that fear is no barrier to taking care of your teeth and oral health. That's why for patients who require it, we offer sedation dentistry and laughing gas (Nitrous Oxide).

When you choose this option for your treatment, you will be awake but will feel fully relaxed and calm. With Nitrous Oxide sedation, you are able to drive home after your appointment. It is safe for children as well.

We also offer oral medications that we may use alongside or in combination with laughing gas, and this can help to make the appointment even less nerve-racking.

A close-up of a patient with a small mask over her nose to have dental sedation.

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Dr Sheena Sood smiling and talking with a patient who is relaxed about her dental treatment.

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