Implant Dentistry

Replacing missing teeth is a worthwhile investment

Generally, we are enjoying longer and healthier lives and remaining active well into retirement - which also means general and dental health is even more important as we get older. Tooth loss is sadly still common for many adults and can have a negative impact on eating properly, smiling confidently, and even your sense of wellbeing and overall health. People with missing teeth or loose and uncomfortable dentures will avoid certain foods, sticking to a bland and uninteresting diet which can lack essential nutrients.

Enjoy a strong and stable smile

Dental implants are a great solution for replacing missing natural teeth and have already helped thousands of people worldwide. Choosing dental implants can enable you to enjoy a strong and stable smile.

A small change can make a huge difference

Dental implants are an investment in a long-term solution for your smile.
If implants are looked after well, they could last for many years or even for life.
Implants consist of titanium or zirconia posts which artificially replace your natural tooth root.
You’ll have a strong and stable replacement for natural missing teeth.
Implants utilize the most advanced technology, backed by years of clinical research.
You will be able to eat comfortably and smile confidently.

What can I expect from dental implant treatment in Richmond?

A strong, healthy, and confident smile. Having dental implants can make a huge difference to the look and function of your smile.

A close-up of an older woman smiling to show her teeth before having dental implants. A close-up of an older woman smiling to show her teeth after having dental implants.
A close-up of an older woman smiling to show her new smile after having dental implants.

The Complete Implant Smile

Using the Digital Smile Design test drive we can show you how your teeth will look. Before we even place the implants. We also use 3-D technology to place all implants.

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The dental implant surgery process

The process of dental implant surgery is different for each patient but there are a number of common steps in each surgery.

1. Initial consultation

2. Planning treatment

3. Undergoing treatment

4. Healing time

5. Final treatment

6. Maintenance

We collaborate with Oral Surgeons who will work with us for your initial consultation.

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Do you have dental phobias or anxiety?

Dental phobias and anxiety are extremely common, so it is really normal to feel nervous or anxious about the thought of dental implant treatment. We are experienced in working with patients with phobias and will always treat all patients with gentle, compassionate, and respectful dental care.

Dental implant treatments can sometimes be extremely complex, and patients may prefer dental sedation - enabling you to feel deeply relaxed and comfortable. You may be able to communicate with your dental team but will be unlikely to remember much if anything about your treatment. This is a widely used treatment option and is provided by skilled and experienced dental professionals.

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