With Invisalign clear aligners, you can straighten and realign your teeth with no need for braces.

Invisalign is an alternative to traditional metal braces to straighten your teeth. With the Invisalign system, traditional braces and wires are replaced by clear aligner trays that fit snugly over your teeth. 

Each tray gradually moves your teeth, and you’ll get new aligners every 1-2 weeks as your treatment progresses and your teeth move into their new optimal position planned out in advance by your dentist. 

After around a year, you could have the beautiful, straight smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Why straighten your teeth with Invisalign?

Have you always wanted a straighter smile? It’s never too late to achieve the smile of your dreams, and Invisalign could help you get there with no need for braces! Straightening your teeth could:

Close gaps between your teeth

Realign crooked or crowded teeth

Make your upper and lower rows of teeth line up

Address issues with your bite

Make it easier to keep up good oral hygiene habits

Give you a healthier smile

Give you more confidence in your smile


What are the benefits of Invisalign?

It’s planned digitally
Invisalign teeth straightening treatment is planned out digitally in advance, and you can see a preview of what your new straighter smile could look like on you.
The aligners are removable
So you can easily eat, drink and brush your teeth like normal.
The aligners are very discreet
Because they are clear, they are much less noticeable and many people won’t even realize that you are wearing them. 
It’s often comfortable
While there will be some discomfort and irritation as your mouth gets used to wearing the aligners, Invisalign treatment can often be more comfortable than braces. 
It could help you improve your dental hygiene
When your teeth are straighter and better aligned, it’s easier for you to brush, floss and keep them clean. This can reduce your chance of getting gum disease and cavities.
It could make you smile more confidently!

Loving your smile could give you back the confidence you need to smile more, which can do wonders for how you feel.


How long will treatment with Invisalign take?

It can typically last around a year, but the exact timeframe for your treatment will depend on your own situation and individual needs. This is something we will discuss with you in your consultation.

There are many reasons to choose Invisalign at Ironwood Dental Care


We use Digital Smile Design


We do Lite Dentistry


You can ‘trial’ your new smile

Invisalign with DSD gives you more than straighter teeth


We use Digital Smile Design

We do Invisalign with the benefit of Digital Smile Design. We are a certified DSD Clinic, which means that we take your unique face and facial features into account when we plan your teeth straightening treatment. This way, you know that your new smile is designed to suit you.


1. We understand you and your smile

In your first consultation, we’ll work with you to understand your smile concerns and decide whether Invisalign is a suitable option for you. We’ll also take impressions and other scans of your teeth to plan your treatment.


We do Lite Dentistry


The final touches...

After your teeth straightening treatment is complete, there might be other things you’d like to tweak about the look of your smile.  We can do light cosmetic treatments, such as teeth whitening or composite bonding, to alter the size, shape or colour of your teeth. We call this Lite Dentistry.


...for a smile you’ll love

Lite Dentistry can add those finishing touches that could make you feel even more confident in your smile. These treatments can be quick, minimally invasive and affordable.

You can ‘trial’ your smile

With scanning technology and digital planning software, we can show you a preview of what your new straighter smile could look like on you – before you decide whether to go ahead with your treatment. 

Before-Photo After-Photo

Invisalign is for teens too!

Being a teenager is hard enough, so at least with Invisalign Teen, they don’t have to worry about their smile! If Invisalign is suitable for them, it can be a good option to straighten and realign their teeth with no need for more visible braces.

For teens, a blue dot indicator is placed on an inconspicuous area on the tray – this is designed to fade over a two-week period, so then you know when it’s time to change your tray. Up to six replacement trays are included in the cost, in case one of them is lost. 

Would you like to learn what Invisalign could do for your smile?

Schedule your appointment today – we’ll be happy to talk you through your options and give you a glimpse of your future smile.