Replace your missing teeth
with dentures

Have you had some of your teeth taken out? Have you been left with gaps in your smile? It’s time to start smiling confidently again with our natural-looking dentures!

If you have several missing teeth in your smile and dental implants are not right for you, dentures may be the solution.

Removable dentures are easy to clean so you can maintain good oral hygiene. They are also a simple and cost-effective way to replace missing teeth that will have you smiling with confidence and eating comfortably again in no time.

At Ironwood Dental Care, we can fit you with upper or lower dentures and make sure they are as comfortable and snug as possible. As ill-fitting dentures can make it difficult for you to comfortably eat nutrient-rich foods, having them made to fit well is a vital step which impacts your overall health. 

A set of dentures.

We understand the importance of your smile and we can make adjustments for you on the same day to ensure that you’re not left without your teeth for long.

Dr Sheena Sood wearing a dental mask and gloves as she examines a patient's mouth.

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