Slow Dentistry at Ironwood Dental Care

Have you ever had a dentist appointment where you were rushed in and out almost straight away? Or where your dentist didn’t take the time to explain what they were going to do? When this happens, it can often make you feel uncomfortable or even anxious, as you leave without fully understanding the treatment – or why you needed it in the first place.

Here at Ironwood Dental Care, that’s not how we do things. Your wellbeing is our first priority, and in every appointment we help you to understand your treatment and feel completely secure before you go ahead. We want to make sure you feel safe, comfortable and cared for, and we work with you to guarantee this. 

That’s why we are committed to Slow Dentistry.

This is a global movement that focuses on reducing the frequent fast pace of dental appointments to improve the standards of care that patients receive in clinics around the world.

At its heart, Slow Dentistry represents a commitment to patient safety, wellbeing, comfort and understanding. It puts you first and gives you the knowledge you need to understand your treatment and the procedures that should be followed in every dental appointment. 

How we apply Slow Dentistry

There are four key areas where we apply the principles of Slow Dentistry:

  • 1Anaesthesia - If you need treatment which requires an area of your mouth to be numbed, we always ensure that the anaesthesia is fully effective before beginning the procedure.
  • 2Rubber dam - For treatments such as root canals, where the teeth should be isolated before work begins, we always use a rubber dam. This is a protective sheet which has a small hole in, allowing us to work on a specific area while shielding the rest of your mouth and avoiding cross contamination.
  • 3Disinfection - Our surgeries and dental equipment are always fully disinfected between every patient appointment to comply with official guidelines and safeguard patients at all times.
  • 4Consent - We always take the time to explain your treatment to you and make sure you fully understand what’s involved. You will also sign a consent form indicating that you understand and want to go ahead before any treatment starts.

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