Our Technology

At Ironwood Dental Care, we stay up to date with technology which we apply in the planning and treatment process. Our aim is to give you dental treatment that is more comfortable and more efficient, saving you time and worry.

Dental technology at Ironwood

Here is some of the technology you can expect to see in your dental appointment:

An icon of a 3D printer.


We print restorations and models which let you “try on” your new smile before treatment begins.

An icon of a tooth.


We scan and make exact replicas of your teeth without using traditional messy impressions.

An icon of a milling machine.


We can make dental crowns and veneers right in our office, within just one day.

An icon of a laser.


We use laser technology in gum contouring and hygiene appointments to help the gums heal predictably and get rid of bacteria.

An icon of a snowflake.


We use pain-free digital anaesthesia to freeze just one tooth without making your whole mouth feel numb.

An icon of propel technology.


Propel technology helps Invisalign® to move your teeth more quickly and predictably.

Enjoy a new experience

At Ironwood Dental Care, our technology also helps us to create unique experiences for our patients. As soon as you step into our office, the massage chair and floor-to-ceiling waterfall in the waiting room create a relaxed environment where we hope you’ll feel comfortable to let us know how we can help you. Our priority is to address your specific needs and expectations.

The reception and waiting area at Ironwood Dental Care with comfortable chairs and waterfall feature.

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