What is Digital Smile Design?

Just over eight years ago, a new transformative way of designing smiles was born. Digital Smile Design (DSD) has gone on to become the go-to technology for leading dentists and dental technicians across the globe and we are really proud to be a Digital Smile Design clinic, with Dr Sheena Sood recognized a DSD Top 1% Clinic.

How can Digital Smile Design help you?

If the way your teeth look makes you feel less confident, we have advanced technology that allows us to design beautiful new smiles that you can preview before any treatment starts. It’s called Digital Smile Design and we are qualified to deliver this world-class approach to cosmetic dental treatment with many happy results. 

With DSD you can change features such as 

An icon of a white tooth.

Lighten the shade of the teeth

An icon of a tooth being resized.

Rebalance the shape and size of the teeth

An icon of two teeth with a gap between them.

Remove small gaps between teeth

An icon of a tooth being realigned.

Realign the rows of teeth

What’s stopping you from getting a confident new smile?

An icon of a calendar.

I’m too busy for frequent dental appointments

An icon of a sad face.

I will not look like myself with fake teeth

A thumbs down icon.

I don’t like going to the dentist

An icon of a veneer falling.

I’ve heard veneers can fall out

An icon of a graph with downward trend.

New teeth won’t improve my quality of life

Digital Smile Design logo.

You won’t have to worry about these with Digital Smile Design! 

We invite you to see for yourself and be pleasantly surprised at how straightforward, predictable and enjoyable it can be to improve the appearance of your teeth. 

We trust in DSD and so can you

An icon of a smiley face.

We prefer Digital Smile Design

We pride ourselves on our clinical excellence and patient care. DSD enables us to deliver a five star experience to fully customized to any patient who would like to smile with greater confidence. With DSD the end result is predictable, the treatment is accurate and the smile design is created in facial harmony to enhance your best features in a naturally beautiful way. 


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Dr Sheena Sood talking with a Digital Smile Design patient at Ironwood Dental Care.

1. We get to know you

Smile design goes way beyond teeth. It’s personal and 100% tailored to your whole authentic self. That’s why we always start by listening to you, making sure we know what you are looking for and how we can deliver that to you in a way that makes you comfortable and cared for. 

Dr Sheena Sood talking with a Digital Smile Design patient at Ironwood Dental Care.
Dr Sheena Sood looking at a scan of a patient's teeth.
A Digital Smile Patient smiling happily as she sees her new smile.
Dr Sheena Sood wearing a mask as she performs a patient's dental treatment at Ironwood Dental Care.
Dr Sheena Sood taking a selfie with a patient who is showing her new Digital Smile Design smile.
An icon of a natural-looking tooth.

What’s not to love about a natural-looking smile?

Half of an eye joined to a sketch of the eye mimicking its natural appearance.

Nature knows best

Thanks to nature, with DSD we can replicate the authentic shapes, patterns and textures of teeth to create harmony and balance in any smile design. 

The outcome? A smile that fits you down to the algorithms of your facial profile, letting your personality shine through. 

A patient at Ironwood Dental Care shows her new smile with Digital Smile Design.

Subtle but significant

Which would you prefer to hear? 

‘Wow, you have a beautiful smile!’

‘Wow, you have a beautifully done smile!’

Natural restorations won’t give you features that distract from the real you. 

Natural Restorations

A natural-looking dental restoration created using Digital Smile Design.
As nature has imperfections, perfection is not our goal
A natural-looking smile created using Digital Smile Design.
There are several factors that make teeth look fake
A 3D printer used to print replica smile designs with Digital Smile Design.
Tooth symmetry, texture and colour can be replicated from natural algorithms with DSD
Natural-looking teeth created using Digital Smile Design.
Modern dental materials give restorations a more realistic colouring
A Digital Smile Design patient smiling to show off her new teeth.
A natural-looking smile communicates authenticity and trustworthiness
A natural-looking smile design created using Digital Smile Design.
Facially-driven smile design ensures natural proportions

The benefit of foresight

We only want to give you happy surprises when it comes to your new smile. By showing you a preview of how you will look with your changed teeth, you are in the driver's seat of your treatment. 

How can you say yes to treatment before you know what the result will be? We’ll show you how your new smile will look, in your own mouth, before you get started.

A young man smiling before his dental treatment with Digital Smile Design. A young man smiling after his dental treatment with Digital Smile Design.

Want to test drive YOUR new smile today?

Start the conversation and allow us to show you the options to suit your lifestyle, concerns and budget.

Let’s begin

We are proud to be Vancouver’s only certified Digital Smile Design Clinic and love helping our patients to smile with confidence. If you have any questions about dental treatment, our friendly team will be delighted to help.

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