Covid - 19 Response Plan

Welcome to Ironwood Dental Care where your safety and comfort is our top priority. Here is some information for your upcoming appointment.

Our Response Plan

Dental clinics have routinely practiced extremely high levels of infection control and have always used personal protective equipment. We routinely wear masks, gloves and eyewear for your protection and ours. We have always sterilized, sanitized or disposed of instruments and sanitized our treatment rooms between patients.

As part of our commitment to provide the best care and respond to Covid-19 we have implemented some additional protocols to keep our patients, team members and community safe.

24 to 72 hours prior to your appointment and on the day of we will review screening questions for Covid-19. This can be done over the phone or we can send you a fillable form by email or text. Screening is very important and is required prior to your appointment and again at the time of your appointment.

When you enter the office, please sanitize your hands. A mask is available for your comfort at the reception desk. If your dentist or hygienist is not there to greet you at the door, please have a seat in one of our socially distanced chairs.

We have adjusted and staggered appointment times to minimize your contacts with other patients. You may find your prescheduled appointment has been adjusted slightly. Please contact us if you require any changes to your appointment time.

We would also ask all accompanying persons to wait outside the clinic, with the exception of a caregiver, or a translator that will go with you into the treatment room.

For your safety and comfort, we listed some additional changes to the clinic:

  • 1Floor stickers have been placed to help maintain distance and wipeable chairs have been placed in the reception area that can be easily sanitized.
  • 2For improved ventilation, doors will remain open (weather permitting).
  • 3A hepa filter with UVC light has been installed in the reception room and each of our treatment rooms.
  • 4Acrylic barriers have been installed at the front desk for safety.
  • 5We have increased the amount of disinfection and cleaning of all office areas including the restroom, door handles, seating areas, and countertops.
  • 6All team members within our clinic are screened daily.
  • 7Magazines and books have been removed to increase cleaning of all surfaces. Throughout the office you will notice new signage that we have placed in coordination with the BC Centre for Disease Control and Worksafe BC.
  • 8Once in the treatment room: we will wear a mask at all times unless we keep 6 feet distance. We will review your screening forms and preform a temperature check with a touchless thermometer. We will then ask you to use a pre procedure mouthwash.
  • 9As always all of our equipment and the instruments that we use for your dental treatments are sterilized, disinfected or disposable. Our sterilization center requires all instruments go through multiple treatments. Instruments go through an ultrasonic bath that vibrates to remove particles; they are then wrapped and sealed before they go into the autoclave to be sterilized. The tape on the sterile wrap changes to reflect that the instruments are now sterile and the wrap ensures they stay that way until just before we open them.
  • 10In order to reduce contact we can send you a payment link as well as online forms prior to your appointment or after your appointment all payments and forms will be done in the treatment room unless you have completed them online ahead of time. Your next appointment will be booked and you can now safely walk to the exit.