A bride's story - alex chrisholm

DSD helped me get wedding ready

Alex Chrisholm, a DSD client, visited us to make changes to her smile in preparation for her wedding day. We asked Alex to describe her experience of DSD at Ironwood Dental Care:

My previous experience of dentistry

“I spent two excruciating years suffering from aesthetic dental work that was meant to improve my smile but which inadvertently ended in disaster – jaw surgery that was not only unnecessary but painful and Invisalign which did not correct the original problem. I felt deformed and my spirit was completely broken. My gums had also receded dramatically.

A close-up of a patient with dark hair and glasses smiling to show her teeth before dental treatment with Digital Smile Design.

Coming to Ironwood Dental Care

I visited a periodontist who was shocked at what I had been through in the name of 'beauty'. She suggested I speak to Dr Sood, whom she described as 'the only person she would trust' with veneers. Scarred from my past experiences in dental offices and skeptical that she could fix the problem as entirely (and quickly!) as I had hoped, I reached out to Dr Sood. She was understanding, compassionate and patient with me as I explained the trauma of my ordeal. After two consultations I decided to move forward with Dr Sood's veneer treatment plan.”

Dr Sheena Sood.

What it was like to have Digital Smile Design

“The next two months were a fairy-tale. Dr Sood had recently completed a program in what I now know as 'Digital Smile Design', a brand-new state-of-the-art program that allows doctors to digitally create the 'perfect smile' using sophisticated facial recognition software. Her team worked relentlessly with me to tweak tiny details in order to get me the exact results I was after.

I learned that DSD is far superior to traditional veneer production as it is able to create moulds that a human simply cannot replicate due to the complication and size of the product. I also learned that this program is not commonplace in offices for a reason. It is an expensive investment in technology and staff training.

Over the course of my visits, I learned that Dr Sood is an industry leader because of her desire to bring the newest and best technology to her clients- sadly- not a value that all in her profession share. Her staff - each and every one of them - were fantastic. Between offering me neck warmers and paraffin hand scrubs during appointments (what?!?! is this heaven!?!?) they were warm and friendly at each and every interaction.

With each visit, and to my utter shock, my distrust of the dental industry slowly wore away.”  

See the difference

The patient's teeth and smile before having DSD veneers. IDC_Patient_Stories_ResultsAfter
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DSD helped me get wedding ready

“I was under the additional stress of an upcoming marriage, and Dr Sood knew how important it was for me to be finished my treatment in time for my wedding.

I will forever be grateful to her and her team for their dedication in keeping that deadline. I credit Dr Sood and her team with restoring my self-esteem and confidence at a time when I needed it most.”

The DSD patient smiling happily with a group of friends on her wedding day.

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